Jackson Hole

While it was once a sparsely occupied, rugged, and untamed area, it's now part of the country's wealthiest county.

Welcome to Jackson Hole

Wyoming's legendary destination at the foot of the Teton mountain range
Jackson Hole has almost a mystical reputation. It's been the setting for TV shows, video games, and books. Legends like Buffalo Bill Cody and Lewis & Clark passed through its borders. While it was once a sparsely occupied, rugged, and untamed area, it's now part of the country's wealthiest county. Despite the opulence of the surrounding homes, Jackson Hole retains a lot of its untamed charm. The "hole" in the name refers to the valley at the foot of the Teton mountain range, sitting just below Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Jackson is the largest town in the area, thus the name Jackson Hole. Other towns in the valley include Wilson, Teton Village, and South Park.
Homes in Jackson Hole are built to make the most of the surrounding natural beauty. You'll find many homes in the area that take inspiration from the traditional log cabins that once stood on the land. Some wonderful modern designs allow in as much natural light as possible. Homes are generally set on some acreage, and some properties include large parcels of land allowing for ranching. Most homes have spacious gathering areas to host friends and family inside and out. In many properties, you'll find amenities like private fishing lakes, riding paddocks, and gourmet kitchens. These are homes built for community and an appreciation of the breathtaking scenery surrounding them. 

What to Love

  • Some of the most stunning landscapes in North America 
  • Old west charm with log cabin storefronts and traditional saloons 
  • Luxury amenities with down-to-earth, laid-back vibes 

Local Lifestyle

People move to Jackson Hole to experience the incredible natural surroundings here. No matter the season, there is something great to do outdoors. Backcountry skiing in the winter, fly fishing in the spring, hiking in the summer, and golfing in the fall. While residents treasure the quiet calm of the area, there is also a strong community spirit. Jackson Hole is home to numerous community events throughout the year, allowing residents to get to know their neighbors. From the annual ElkFest to the lighting of the Christmas lights in Town Square, this is a place filled with small-town charm and old-fashioned values. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Despite its rural location, Jackson Hole offers world-class dining. Check out Pinky G's Pizzeria, delivering freshly made pizzas so good the Food Network featured them. You'll also want to check out Bin22, a chic Mediterranean bistro offering small plates and a stunning wine bar. 
You'll feel transported to the Med with its selection of carefully prepared tapas and incredible service. Persephone Bakery near Town Square in Jackson is perfect for breakfast, but they also offer French pastries, cakes, and bread to-go. The Blue Lion is a charming and romantic restaurant serving fresh lamb, beef tenderloin, and perfectly cooked chicken. It's a must for date night. 

Things to Do

Jackson Hole is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Pick up an annual pass to the Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Park for unbeatable hiking and camping. You'll have world-class skiing on your doorstep at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Go fly fishing in the Snake River. You can play 18 holes at the Shooting Star Golf Club.
And there's even more to do indoors. Kids will love the Jackson Hole Children's Museum, and the Jackson Hole rodeo is always good for a family night out. The Jackson Hole Playhouse offers dinner and a show in a rustic Wild West-inspired space. There is no shortage of great art and music in the area, too, and you'll find regular events happening at the Center for the Arts. The center hosts local and globally recognized artists for theater, dance, music, and visual arts.

Local Economy of Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole is not just a scenic paradise; it's a hub of economic activity with unique attributes. The Jackson Hole Airport, Wyoming's largest and busiest commercial airport, stands out as a symbol of connectivity and accessibility. Remarkably located within a National Park, it operates under strict noise abatement regulations to harmonize with the natural environment. Although winter brings challenges to air travel, major airlines maintain jet service, with some routes being seasonal.

Tourism is also a vital part of the local economy, significantly boosted by innovative strategies such as the live webcams set up in 2016. Broadcasting views of the town square, these webcams have captivated a global audience, peaking at 2,000 viewers at times, showcasing Jackson Hole's appeal far and wide.

Jackson Hole's recognition as Wyoming's top campsite in a 2017 MSN.com survey underlines its allure for outdoor enthusiasts, further cementing its reputation as a prime tourist destination.

Additionally, Jackson Hole plays host to the prestigious Jackson Hole Economic Symposium. This annual event, orchestrated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, draws global financial luminaries, including central bankers and finance ministers. They engage in pivotal discussions on economic issues and policy, highlighting Jackson Hole's role as a significant player on the international economic stage.


Real Estate Market Trends in Jackson Hole

In the captivating setting of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the real estate market presents unique opportunities for buyers. Currently characterized as a Buyer's Market, this dynamic allows for more favorable conditions for those looking to purchase a home. In such a market, properties typically have longer listing durations and more negotiable prices.

As of October 2023, the median home value in Jackson Hole stands at $3 million, indicating a notable market position in terms of property value. This price point reflects a downward trend of 16.5% year-over-year, suggesting a shift in market dynamics and potentially greater bargaining power for buyers.

The homes here command a median price of $1,300 per square foot. This pricing offers insights into the premium quality of properties in the area, likely due to their unique locations, luxurious amenities, and the exceptional natural beauty surrounding them.

With an average market stay of 90 days, properties in Jackson Hole are witnessing a gradual increase in the time taken to sell compared to the previous months. This trend might hint at a shift towards a more balanced market, where buyers have more time to make informed decisions without the pressure of rapid sales.

For prospective buyers, these trends indicate a prime opportunity to invest in Jackson Hole’s real estate. The current market conditions suggest a window where negotiation can yield more favorable terms. However, it's crucial to keep in mind the area's high-end property spectrum and the inherent value of its real estate, given its unique location and lifestyle offerings.


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