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The condo market in Jackson, WY, has seen some notable fluctuations and trends over recent years. As of late 2023, the market has experienced a decline in sales volume and an increase in average and median prices, a trend that seems consistent across the past few years.

The inventory in the condo market increased substantially, nearly 179% from the previous year, yet remains historically low with only a few listings priced under $1 million. This indicates a strong seller's market where the limited availability of lower-priced condos could continue to push average prices up.

Moreover, properties in 2023 stayed on the market longer than in previous years, with condos taking about 50% longer to sell than in the prior year. This could be an indication of a shift towards a more balanced market, where buyers are taking more time to make purchasing decisions amid high pricing and interest rate uncertainties.

Overall, the Jackson condo market appears to be in a state of transition, balancing between high demand and pricing pressures against the backdrop of economic factors like interest rates and general affordability concerns. For those interested in the Jackson condo market, staying informed about interest rate trends and inventory levels will be crucial for making timely investment decisions.

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