Snowshoeing in Jackson Hole: A Complete Guide

Snowshoeing in Jackson Hole: A Complete Guide

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is distinctive for many reasons. Known for its striking mountains, powdery slopes, Blue Ribbon fly fishing streams, and lively atmosphere, Jackson has long attracted visitors. Increasingly, many visitors who come for a short alpine respite are looking for a permanent place of their own. Although Jackson Hole is desirable – last year, the average price of a single-family home in Jackson Hole was $4.5 million – finding available inventory can be a challenge.

Jackson Hole has a unique landscape that provides its residents and visitors with many exciting opportunities for adventure. Neighborhoods like Jackson, Teton Village, and Alpine, reside in the sprawling valley nestled between two mountain ranges. Because of its location and weather conditions, Jackson Hole is a premier skiing destination. For anyone looking for a more leisurely way to enjoy the snow, snowshoeing is fun for all age groups and experience levels. You can expect to see snowfalls in early to mid-April in Jackson Hole — so, if you're interested in donning a pair of snowshoes and exploring the snowy terrain of this beautiful neighborhood, here is a quick guide to help you get started.

What is snowshoeing?

Whether you just bought your first piece of Jackson Hole real estate or have lived in the area for years, snowshoeing is a fun Jackson Hole experience for all to enjoy. This winter sport is easy to learn, can be tailored to a person of any size or experience level, and is a low-impact workout. Snowshoeing is essentially a hike through the snowy terrain in shoes designed to keep you afloat on the snow's surface.

Like any sport, you must have the proper equipment. If you are snowshoeing for the first time, it's best to consult an expert on what kind of snowshoe you will need based on your weight and the type of snow you’ll be trekking through. Snowshoes distribute the wearer’s weight to prevent them from sinking into the icy terrain. However, it's more challenging to avoid falling into powdery snow than tightly-packed snow. Luckily, guided tours with snowshoe rentals help beginners find what they need.

Once you have the hang of this activity, you can enjoy hiking the breathtaking trails from the winter months to early spring. Jackson Hole's natural beauty is one of the reasons that Jackson Hole houses are highly sought after. Three-hundred and forty-two single-family homes sold in 2021, a decrease from the previous year because demand outweighs the supply of Jackson Hole real estate.

Book a guided tour

Photo courtesy of Jackson Hole, The Hole Hiking Experience
One thing to remember about snowshoeing is that it’s just like hiking — with a different perspective. On snowshoes, you will be able to navigate terrain that you might not be able to handle in skis. With a guided tour, you will better understand the unique wildlife in areas like the Grand Teton National Park. Companies like The Hole Hiking Experience and Ecotour Adventures are available to enrich your snowshoeing experience. The Hole Hiking Experience was founded in 1989 and provides naturalist-guided snowshoeing around the Jackson Hole area and in The Grand Teton National Park. Ecotour Adventures also teaches guests about local wildlife and lists the tours available and their approximate duration on their website.

With a knowledgeable tour guide, you will learn all about the nature of Jackson Hole, which will make your journey into the snowy woods even more exciting. Guests can choose which area of Jackson Hole interests them most for their tour, but if you are unsure where you'd like to start, there are several popular snowshoe locations from which to choose.

The best snowshoe spots

Photo courtesy of Grand Teton National Park
Snowshoers often choose areas of Grand Teton National Park for guided tours. Two of the most popular locations are Bradley and Taggart Lakes. These trails are easy to reach from The Teton Park Road and do not run too steep for most travelers. The Taggart Lake route is longer than the Bradley Lake loop and gives hikers a view of the spectacular peaks of Avalanche Canyon. The Bradley Lake route also has gorgeous views through the tree-covered hills and has less foot traffic than Taggart Lake. Another popular section of the park is Jenny Lake, a trail with relatively flat terrain that offers scenic views of Teewinot Mountain, Mount Saint John, and Cascade Canyon. This hike can take between four and six hours and is about 10 miles round trip. Jenny Lake's ice can be thin during early winter, so remember to practice extreme caution when traveling over the frozen water.

Cache Creek Canyon is another great option if you're looking for a conveniently located, pet-friendly trail. This trail is popular for allowing dogs and having a well-groomed trail friendly for many different winter sports. Cache Creek is minutes from the town of Jackson, the second-best place to live in Wyoming. More Jackson Hole houses were sold in Jackson last year than any other Jackson Hole neighborhood. Cache Creek's popularity is a downside for those looking to have a peaceful experience hiking in the snow, but the trail becomes less crowded the farther you walk, leading up a 1200 foot slope.

Granite Canyon provides easy access to Grand Teton National Park from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, making it a popular trail for visitors of Jackson Hole. With a course suitable for all experience levels, this excursion brings its guests through breathtaking aspen and conifer forests. You can also access Moose-Wilson Road from the Granite Canyon trailhead, leading to Death Canyon Road. This route will add several hours to your trip, taking you to the Phelps Overlook. This point offers a stunning view of the sixth largest lake in The Grand Tetons National Park.

Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons have a lot to offer for snowshoeing and other winter activities. It's important to remember to stay safe and consult professionals if you are unsure how to start your snowshoe journey.

If you're excited to add snowshoeing to your list of yearly activities in Jackson Hole, contact trusted local agent Mark Icuss to start searching for your dream home in Wyoming today.


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