Moving to Wilson, WY — What You Need to Know

Moving to Wilson, WY — What You Need to Know

Wilson, WY, is a peaceful, rustic western town at the eastern base of Teton Pass. While it’s a small town, it boasts warm hospitality and numerous activities and adventure areas. Its prime location makes it an excellent spot for expeditions on Teton Pass and other outdoor pursuits. Wilson has grown steadily since its founding in 1899, yet only around 1,492 residents call it home.

Those who reside here love the captivating small-town feeling of spending Sunday nights with locals at the Stagecoach Bar or feasting on trout and eggs at Nora’s. Adventure seekers will love the backcountry activities like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and fishing. Wilson retains a unique vibe that’s part hippie and part cowboy, creating a folksy atmosphere that disguises the affluence of its residential side. The beauty of this is that residents can enjoy a luxurious place to live while maintaining a down-to-earth vibe that sets Wilson apart from other high-end cities.

If you’re considering moving to Wilson, WY, you’ll be interested in learning as much as possible about the area. The Icuss Group has compiled a list of Wilson's most critical factors and what you need to know before moving to this incredible community. Read on to learn more.

Real estate in Wilson, WY

Wilson is found in Teton County, which according to data from the IRS, is ranked number one in the United States for adjusted gross income. What does that mean for real estate? Simply put, Wilson, WY, real estate comes at a premium. The median selling price of a single-family home in the last year was approximately $4.995 million, though the range varies depending on the size of the house and land.

Part of the charm that draws people to Wilson real estate is that it holds a certain level of prestige. You’ll find magnificent properties with spacious acres that are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Despite maintaining its small-town charm, wealth has been seeping into the area since the early 1920s when John D. Rockefeller Jr. started purchasing land here. A massive draw for many is buying land and building their “forever home,” where their children and grandchildren can visit. Another huge perk? Wyoming has no income taxes or estate tax on out-of-state retirement income.

The community vibe

The neighborhoods in Wilson, WY, are unique thanks to their rural nature, with tons of Wild-West appeal. This quiet and scenic area features gorgeous views and properties that allow horses and plenty of serenity. You can find many high-end subdivisions here, including the Teton Pines Resort and Country Club and the Aspens condominium neighborhood. It’s a truly beautiful spot to drive or bike any time of the year. Real estate in this area features stunning, custom-built properties, ranch-style estates, and cabin-style homes with picture-perfect views of the rolling hills and forests.

Things to do

Wilson and its neighbor Jackson Hole offer endless things to do and explore, from outdoor adventures to museums and fun for people of all ages.

Outdoor adventures

Those who enjoy physically challenging activities will love shopping at Wilson Backcountry Sports. A full-service operation that offers biking, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits, the knowledgeable staff here will steer you toward your next adventure.

When you’re up for your next outdoor excursion, head to Teton Pass. Whether you’re skiing in the winter or turning to bikes in the summer, you’ll love the mecca of well-maintained trails to explore. If you prefer to hike, Old Pass Road is a local favorite – it’s the perfect spot to take pictures of the blooming wildflowers or enjoy the freshwater spring on the way to Crater Lake.

You’ll also have easy access to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, a popular ski destination that promises endless scenic sights and tons of fun on the powdery slopes. You can also ride the aerial tram to the summit overlooking Jackson Hole Valley, rent a bike, or head out on a hiking excursion when weather permits.

For a strenuous trek, take the famed Teton Crest Trail into Grand Teton National Park for stunning views and daring adventures. The Snake River, which separates Jackson from Wilson, is a great place to enjoy afternoons floating, fishing, or swimming. You might spot a moose wandering through the river if you're lucky.

Nearby is the Teton Raptor Center, a fun location for all ages. This wildlife center helps return birds of prey to the wild after they’ve healed. Here, you can learn about the lives of incredible birds like the great horned owl, the golden eagle, and the red-tailed hawk. This fun activity will surely work up an appetite, and Wilson offers a few excellent options.

Fantastic dining spots

The Stagecoach Bar and Nora’s Fish Creek Inn are two fabulous local favorites that have been gracing the presence of Wilson for quite some time. These will be your go-to destinations if you’re looking for the perfect local spot to stop by for a craft brew, enjoy the nightlife, or indulge in an excellent brunch.

Rations is another top dining destination, renowned for the truffle burger and fries. If it’s sushi you’re after, don’t miss Sudachi, where menu standouts like the yellowfin tuna house rolls, spicy kanpachi sashimi, and grilled Korean-style baby back ribs are excellent options. In addition, having easy access to Jackson Hole provides residents with even more entertainment options, especially restaurants and shopping.

Moving forward in your real estate journey

Wilson, WY, has so much to offer its residents, from old-fashioned Western vibes to high-end, luxurious real estate opportunities, impressive scenery, and endless sources of adventure. If you’re searching for a place where you can live a luxuriously quiet life while maintaining easy access to modern amenities, Wilson is perfect for you. To start your search for Wilson, WY, real estate or to learn more about this outstanding area, contact expert broker Mark Icuss of the Icuss Group today.

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