South Park

It's an area that captures the stunning beauty of Jackson hole and combines it with a warm neighborhood feel.

Welcome to South Park

A ranch-like community where locals live in Jackson Hole
South Park is a community south of Jackson, stretching from the Snake River in the West to U.S. Highway 26 in the East. It's an area that captures the stunning beauty of Jackson hole and combines it with a warm neighborhood feel. The site is relatively rural, and you'll find long stretches of serene scenery still primarily undeveloped. However, back from the main roads, you'll find beautiful neighborhoods of single-family homes. Many people living in South Park have lived here for decades, making it the local's community. It feels private, ranch-like, and down-to-earth while still being close to the excitement and activity in Jackson.
Living in South Park means there is an airport with daily flights only minutes away, making it a convenient place for those making the valley a second home. Homes here are spacious, with ample indoor and outdoor living areas to make the most of the stunning scenery. Some of the lots are slightly smaller than you might find in other areas of Jackson Hole, making them more manageable and lending to that neighborhood-like feel. 

What to Love

  • Great neighborhoods populated by long-time Jackson Hole residents 
  • Jackson amenities are a short drive away 
  • Close-knit & family-friendly community focused on outdoor living 

Local Lifestyle

Like the rest of Jackson Hole, people live in South Park because they love the outdoor lifestyle that comes with living here. They don't shy away from wind, rain, or snow and embrace the challenges that can come from living here. That means no matter the season, you'll see your neighbors making the most of their outdoor time. That might include backcountry skiing, hiking, cold water swimming, fishing for trout, or riding their horse into town. It's a friendly, welcoming community eager to take part in every new adventure. 

History & Culture

South Park, located in Teton County, Wyoming, is a census-designated place distinguished by its serene landscapes and part of the broader Jackson, WY–ID Micropolitan Statistical Area. Despite sharing its name, South Park, Wyoming, has no affiliation with the popular animated TV series. The region is notable for its scenic beauty encompassed within the vast expanses of Wyoming and contributes to the state's rich cultural tapestry, which includes a history steeped in pioneer spirit and outdoor adventure.
Wyoming's history is deeply connected to the development of the American West. Native American cultures have thrived in this region for thousands of years, with European explorers and settlers arriving much later. Wyoming became a hub for frontiersmen and was integral in the push westward, including the establishment of trails and railroads that facilitated migration and trade. The state is renowned for its pioneering role in women's suffrage and for being home to Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the world, which epitomizes Wyoming's commitment to preserving natural beauty and wildlife.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

If you are craving some down-home country cooking, head to The Bird. This old-school diner features steaks, burgers, and beer in a rustic, unpretentious setting. Head into Jackson for breakfast at The Whistling Grizzly, a western-style restaurant with mouth-watering fare and substantial drinks menu. 
Jackson is also where you'll find Bubba's Bar-B-Que Restaurant, a homey place dishing up BBQ, pies, and other classics. If you want a lighter meal, check out Pearl Street Bagels. It's a great place to grab a coffee and a freshly baked bagel before your next outdoor adventure. 

Things to Do

South Park is home to the Grand Tetons National Park, one of the country's most beautiful natural areas. You can get day passes to the park and enjoy its stunning scenery or hike on its many trails. Golfers will enjoy the course at The Club at 3 Creek, a golf and country club with excellent greens and a luxurious clubhouse. 
There is excellent fishing in South Park, and companies such as High Alpine Anglers are happy to arrange for custom charters. South Park is also home to the Jackson Hole Children's Museum, with unique kid-friendly exhibits encouraging exploration and fostering a love of learning. 


In South Park, Wyoming, and the surrounding areas like Jackson Hole and Cody, transportation options are fairly diversified, tailored to both the local and tourist populations.
For public transit, the Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) serves as the primary system in the Jackson area. START offers extensive bus services linking key locations like Jackson, Teton Village, and Teton County in Idaho. These services are adapted to the seasonal demands of the area, with increased frequency during peak tourist seasons. Notably, the START bus is free within the town limits of Jackson, making it an economical choice for getting around locally.
Major highways provide robust connectivity to and from South Park. The area is accessible via several major roads, ensuring convenient travel to neighboring regions and states. This network of roads facilitates travel to major destinations such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
When it comes to air travel, the nearest major airports are located in Jackson and Cody. The Jackson Hole Airport is particularly convenient for visitors and residents, offering services like taxis and rental cars right from the airport. For those traveling to or from Cody, the Yellowstone Regional Airport provides important connections through airlines like Delta and United, offering flights primarily connected through hubs like Salt Lake City and Denver. 

Arts & Entertainment

The arts and entertainment scene in Wyoming, particularly near South Park, offers a vibrant mix of live music, theater, and galleries, showcasing the region's rich cultural diversity.
For theater enthusiasts, the Cheyenne Little Theatre and the Cheyenne Civic Center Performing Arts Theatre in Cheyenne stand out. These venues host a variety of performances ranging from local productions to nationally recognized shows, providing a rich theatrical experience. The Cheyenne Little Theatre, known for its community-focused productions, creates an engaging atmosphere with shows that often reflect regional stories and history​
Live music is another thriving aspect of the local arts scene. The Mangy Moose Steakhouse and Saloon in Teton Village is renowned for hosting live music performances nightly. It has been a staple in the local music scene since 1967, offering a rustic setting that complements its lively musical offerings​.
Art galleries also enrich the local cultural landscape. In Casper, art enthusiasts can explore various galleries and participate in community events like the Casper Art Walk, which features local art, music, and food. This event highlights the city's commitment to supporting local artists and offers a communal space for creative expression.

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